Piercing Aftercare:
It takes a full year for any piercing to heal, though it may feel fine after a few weeks. Continue following the care instructions for a full year, to insure proper healing. There are two different types of piercing aftercare. 
For oral piercings:
You will need to get a bottle of mouth wash, you will use this after you eat, drink, smoke, or after anything goes in your mouth. With lip or cheek piercings, you may wish to clean the outside with saline solution, per the instructions below.
No Oral Sex for two weeks after getting the piercing.
You can change the jewelry after six weeks though it is recommended that you leave the jewelry that you were pierced with in as long as possible.

For all other Body Piercings:
Wash the piercing ONCE a day with Soap and water. Do this in the shower, after you have washed everything else and done everything else you normally do in the shower. Take the smallest amount of the soap as possible lather it on the jewelry, work the jewelry back and forth ten times. Get the piercing under the water and work it back and forth ten more times or until you feel the skin around the piercing get tight, this means that all the soap is out.
If the piercings gets crusty use a q-tip and saline solution (contact solution). With CLEAN hands apply Saline to the q-tip and work the crusty part of the piercing. This can be done as many times a day as needed.

                                     Tattoo Aftercare for bandages 
1.    Remove the bandage after 30 mins- 1 hour. it is not recommened that you rebandage. Use only sterile bandages or other
 sterile dressings if you must cover it.
2. Wash the tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.  DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH! 

3. Pat dry with paper towels. DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH!


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Aftercare for Adhesive barrier

​ Leave leave film barrier on until it comes off, 2-4 days normally, thought it ,ay stay on longer.  do not pull at the film, when you are ready to remove roll from the outside towards the center.